About child care

Active Merri-bek is committed to making sure that your children are cared for in a safe, supportive, well-equipped environment. Our friendly and professional staff will encourage your children to have fun and develop to their full potential with the range of suitable activities and programs being provided.

Types of care

  • In-centre care (sessional care): for children whose parent / guardian is present in the centre.
  • Out of centre care (occasional care): for children whose parent / guardian is leaving the centre.

Whether parents and guardians are staying within the centre or need to be somewhere else, be assured that our qualified and professional staff will nurture and entertain your children at the best of their ability.

Locations and who we cater to 

We offer child care at these Active Merri-bek centres for children for the following ages:

  • Coburg Leisure Centre: six weeks old to five years of age (children over the age of six can attend but are restricted to the minimum times offered)

Children can attend child care for up to four hours per day and a maximum of 15 hours a week.

Child care is open to all members and casual visitors.


Our child care facilities are equipped with the latest games, toys and equipment to help keep the young ones happy and is designed to assist parents and guardians in pursuing their recreational and fitness interests in centre.

Take a virtual tour of our child care facilities:


Our qualified and professional staff will nurture and entertain your child while you pursue activities in or out of our centres.

Our children’s services centres maintain a high level of supervision of children at all times. Staff to child ratios are 1:5 (as per Children’s Services Regulations).


  • Child care prices

    Take a look at our child care options:

    In-centre care  Casual
    10 pack 
    1 child (1.5 hours)  $9.35 $81.05
    1 child (concession, 1.5 hours)  $7.05 $60.95
    1 child (0.5 hour)  $3.35 $27.25
    1 child (concession, 0.5 hour)  $2.60 $20.55


    Out of centre care Casual
    10 pack
    1 child (1 hour) $10.75 $94.15
    1 child (concession, 1 hour) $8.15 $78.55
    1 child (0.5 hour) $5.55 $46.95
    1 child (concession, 0.5 hour) $4.25 $39.45



Find out when we offer child care at our Coburg centre on our opening hours page.

Enrolments and bookings

Bookings are essential. Follow the enrolment steps below before making a booking in person or by calling Coburg Leisure Centre.

  • Enrolling at Coburg Leisure Centre child care

    Enrolment form

    Complete the Coburg Leisure Centre Child Services enrolment form prior to your child’s first stay at our children’s services centre as well as at the beginning of each year.

    Before commencing care, a current enrolment form must be completed with the following:

    • immunisation details;
    • medical information and medical management procedures attached (colour copy only);
    • emergency contact number provided.

    You can print and fill out the form and hand it in to child care at the centre, or scan and email it to jess.sbaraglia@ymca.org.au


    Bookings are essential. Bookings can be made up to one week in advance with payment taken at reception upon arrival.

    Due to regulations, there is a limit to the number of children who can attend our centre at any one time, therefore parents are required to book in their children before each session. Should you arrive late you will only be eligible to stay for the time in which you had originally booked, unless otherwise discussed with staff.

    Bookings can be made in centre or by giving us a call.

    Parent Handbook

    The Coburg Leisure Centre parent handbook is available if you need any details on our procedures or policies. 

  • Child care policies and procedures

    What to bring to care:

    • a nutritious snack in a clearly labelled container (nuts, nut products, lollies and chips are not permitted);
    • a drink (clearly labelled);
    • nappies if required (please ensure your child arrives in a clean nappy);
    • a change of clothes if your child is in nappies or being toilet trained;
    • a hat and sun screen, which must be worn while your child is outside, regardless of weather conditions.

    Emergency care

    Where emergency care is required, the parent or guardian will be notified immediately. If a parent or guardian is unable to be contacted, staff will follow procedures outlined in the enrolment form and will undertake any necessary action.


    To maintain the best quality environment for all children, we ask that ill children be kept at home. Staff are permitted to refuse entry to any child showing signs of illness.

    'No Jab, No Play'

    'No Jab, No Play' legislation came into effect from 1 January 2016.

    All parents and guardians wanting to enrol their child into a child care service are required to provide evidence that their child is:

    • fully immunised for their age;
    • on a vaccination catch-up program, or;
    • unable to be fully immunised for medical reasons.
    • 'Conscientious objection' is not an exemption.

    For more information, visit the No Jab, No Play website.


    Parents are encouraged to visit the centre with your child before starting care. Orientation visits are not charged and you need to attend a visit before leaving your child, giving you both time to familiarise yourselves with staff and the environment.

    Arrival and departure

    To ensure their safety, all children must be signed in and out of children’s services by a parent or guardian without exception. Please be punctual when picking up your child as a late fee will apply if you arrive late. If your child / children are to be picked up by another family member or friend, staff must be notified of the arrangements.


    Cancellations received by 8:00am of the booked day will not be charged. Failure to notify the centre of a cancellation or cancellations received after 8:00am will result in you being charged the full cost of your days booking.

    Nut-free centre

    We are a nut free centre, and for the safety and wellbeing of all the children we ask that all nut and nut based products not be brought into our child care room (including Nutella, peanut butter and muesli bars).

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